This isn’t what Red Bull had in mind for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Teammates Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen were lined up at No. 5 and 6 on the starting grid Sunday, but collided on the second turn of the first lap, ending Ricciardo’s race.

Ricciardo wasn’t happy about it. And he let Verstappen know with some universal sign language as he walked off the track.

“Not much else to describe or say, it was what it was,” Ricciardo said, according to ESPN’s Nate Saunders. “I saw I had a good run out of (Turn) 1, there was a bit going on, so I saw Valtteri (Bottas) on the inside so I could brake on he outside, thought ‘I’ll go here and defend that place.’

“Then I got hit. For sure it’s not on – that was amateur to say the least. Just frustrating, you know?”

Here’s video of the collision:

Verstappen, who finished fifth, apologized to his teammate and the Red Bull team after the race, saying he had no intention of hitting Ricciardo, according to’s Matt Beer.

“I’ll speak with Daniel in private and we’ll sort it out,” Verstappen said.