Tom Szczerbowski / USA TODAY Sports

Floyd Mayweather is eyeing the NBA once he retreats back into retirement.

Mayweather is training for one last fight with MMA star Conor McGregor, but once that’s finished, the 49-time undefeated boxer plans to purchase an NBA franchise.

“I look forward to getting an NBA team in the future,” Mayweather told ESPN. “I don’t know where the team is going to be, but I look forward to having a team someday.”

If there’s any athlete that could conceivably own an NBA franchise, it’s the brash boxer who goes by the nickname “Money.” Mayweather could reach $1 billion in career earnings depending on the success of his final fight, according to Forbes estimates.

But even 10 digits might not be enough. The last team to be sold was the Atlanta Hawks, who went for $850 million in 2015. The NBA has grown in popularity in the two years since, which means buying a franchise can only get more expensive.