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We have a step team from Vegas that’s here this morning. And I figured since you’re here and you’re stepping from Vegas why don’t you show us a little something. Can we see what you can do? Got a little something for us. There we go, okay. Show us a little something. Come on, step team. Everybody. Come on, yeah. Come on. We step. One, two, three, come on. Come on. Yay. Whoa. Hey. That was worth the trip from Vegas. That was definitely worth the trip from Vegas. Thank you, guys, for that I have get me some more. I like that. We’re doing our toning up in 2018. I’m delighted. I don’t know how I feel about that to have the woman who kicks my butt in the gym. Latreal Mitchell. She’s here. You can see latreal on Khloe Kardashian’s “Revenge body.” Her specialty, you make workouts fun. I would say it’s true. We start by getting the disco ball spinning and we’ll spin it. Make some fun happen here in our studio. You brought some kids to help us do this little demo workout. How young could you tart your kids with working out and being active? I would soon as soon as they can start walking you can start them getting active. You got to lead by example. They see you in workout clothes, they want to know what you’re doing and why That’s true. Flawed to their computers all day but we’ll change it up. It’s more of a game to make them more active. Correct, like got to cut the screen time. When the commercials break come on we’ll make it fun. When the commercial breaks come on, we’re going to do some fun stuff. Kylie will help us with our first game. What exactly is it. The game is basically the first rule of the game is to have fun. You got to have fun. Get your bag, as soon as that commercial break comes on, you grab something that’s in that bag, whatever is in that bag you have to do it until the commercial goes off. So you got it? You got it? So all you have to do, grab something. Kylie, commercial is on, what do we got? Drop kick to front kick. Drop kick to front kick. So commercial is on. We go and kick. Oh, kick. So I got to do this the whole commercial. The whole commercial break. Oh. What’s next? Okay. Okay. That’s it. What is the next one in the bag? What’s the next one? Go grab something. Ariana, what we got. Pop twist. Twist hop. There we go. All right. I like that. During the whole commercial break. I like that. Do we have any more in the bag? That’s it? That’s all we got in the bag. What is the next game. The next game — It’s about partners. It’s about a partner workout so when you have aartner you are held accountable. You’re a partner. You are accountable but you tell me what to do. You get to do some stuff and I’ll go in the plank position. Something you can do with a partner. Partner up here. All you’re going to do is hop over me and do the man’s version. What if I don’t make it? So I’m hopping. And the kids are going to do the modified version. Everybody, ready. Here we go. Hop. Let’s go. So he’s doing it. Whoo! But the partners do — the partners do keep you accountable. They hold you up and keep you accountable but this is about Pears and having fun. Camila Cabello is here. And we need Camila, Camila, we need a hit song to dance to. You have one of the best ones been out all year. It’s called “Havana.” Go ahead, hit it for us. Audience, stand up. Let’s get into it.

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