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the scale which is all about how to stay healthy without worrying about your weight. This morning we’re looking at how certain foods can help you sleep longer and stay healthier. Had all comes from a recent review that found sleep deprived people tend@ to eat 400 calories a day more than those well rested so our senior medical contributor Dr. Jen Ashton is here to break it down. Yes, you guys. Welcome, doctor. Thank you. You recommend that adults get 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. Is that how much you get. If I could get five I’m happy because I wake up too much but why is that so important? So, you know, you heard me say before sleep has a massive pr problem. It’s a medical necessity because when people are sleep deprived there are a number of hormonal changes that there’s a hormone that at thes your brain when it’s time to eat. There is a hormone called leptin, when to feel full. When you are sleep deprived ghre ghrelin goes up. Leptin goes down. The number on the scale goes up and triggers a whole buvch of cascades. Like a vicious cycle. I’m always on ghrelin because my stomach is always growling. You’ll take one, Lara. You take the other. Don’t show off with the flexing here but I want you to think about this band as the stress that goes on with your body during the day. So, Michael, take a couple of steps back, don’t snap the band. Don’t you dare. You can imagine this is — Don’t you let go. Had is the stress that our bodies go through during the day. Michael, close your eyes and slowly walk through Lara like you’re sleepwalking during our sleep we’re renewing, resetting, recharging our body so that the next day we can do this all over again. Then it goes again. Flex when you do that. Then come back. All right. You brought some foods. Yeah. You brought some foods that can help us sleep. Some that may help us not sleep. The positive first. Help you go to sleep, bananas, carb, some fat like cheese, honey and people used to think it’s the tryptophan. You can’t pull out tryptophan in foods. It’s all bundled together. It’s probably an insulin spike that occurs after you eat carbs that helps you sleep. In moderation, it’s a good thing for sleep. Bowl of cereal. Breakfast for dinner. Breakfast for dinner, exactly but you know what — yeah, nuts, a banana with honey. What you want to try to avoid like the Jen Ashton favorite food section. Something that’s spicy, chocolate which has caffeine, alcohol is a massive sleep disrupter so these not so good. Why you look at me? Lara and I looked at each other. Really? Oh, man. How is the best way too wake up. In the morning three things, food, behavior and environment. Food you want to have a low carb high protein breakfast, behavior, want to bring in the light into the room and exercise or meditation. All right. Thank you, doc.

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