Jessie James Decker is seldom alone these days due to a very hungry six-week-old baby boy named Forrest.

“Is it possible for a baby to want to be on the boob 23 hours a day? 😂😅” the country singer, 30, asked her Instagram followers on Tuesday, May 15. In the picture, a bemused Decker gazes at the camera as her newborn nurses away.

The Eric and Jessie: Game On star is most definitely not alone when it comes to a hungry baby. “My kids lived on my boobs!” wrote one mother. Added another: “Yes! Alllll day!!!!!! Mine is 2 and she still reaches down my shirt and says ‘Boob, Boob, Boob!!’” A third noted that she was also in the same boat but “looking a helluva lot less glamorous.”

Decker is one of many celebrities who hope to normalize breast-feeding by sharing photos on social media. As she told Entertainment Tonight in 2016: “I don’t really understand how some celebs can go out on the red carpet and their nipples are all out and it’s cool, but if I want to feed my kids . .  . people complain.” 

Jessie and her NFL player husband, Eric Decker, are also parents of Eric, Jr., 3, and Vivianne, 4. It was the 31-year-old wide receiver who pushed Jessie to have a third child.

“He’s very excited, he’s always wanted a big family,” she told Us Weekly in October. “He loves me pregnant. It’s one of his favorite times. He told me, ‘I just love you pregnant. It’s just my favorite. I love your belly. I love everything about it.’ And I cook a lot, when I’m pregnant, I cook even more and experiment with more foods and stuff, so he loves that!”

But the couple are tapping out at three — or at least Jessie is. In a March Instagram post, the mom, who was 36 weeks pregnant at the time, revealed it was “bittersweet” to know their family would be complete in a few months.

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